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Collection Plate

I'm often asked what folx can do to help me further my spiritual mission. You can give me money. I live in the same world as you. You can give me money so that I can pay my landlord Alex Munro and his mother who own most of the block. His leases all promise to raise the rent every year. You can give me money so I can pay DTE and keep folx warm and Comcast to keep my music covering you in waves. You can give me money so that I can keep offering discounts to those black elderly and differently-abled bodies. Stop asking me what you can do to help and just send me some money. The rent is too damn high.

You can also just donate to my Delta airlines and AirBnB fund. Because I want the same for you that I want for myself, and that is to sit easy as I do this holy work I've been called to do.



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